Failover-Route - Produkt Information

Failover-Routen based on windows 32-Bit application technologie is installed at your Gateway-Server. After installing Failover-Route you have up to 10 monitors that controls your data lines.

Each monitor is able to check and route an IP network. After adding 3-5 check-hosts Failover-Route can recognize if a connections is down or alive.

The program checks if the configured TCP/ICMP services on the configured hosts are alive. As far as the check hosts for a monitor fail a configured number of times Failover-Route sends all traffic to the backup gateway

The program continues checking the fail hosts until they are alive again for several times. In that case the system routes back the traffic to the main gateway.

If you wish Failover-Route notifies while switching to the backup gateway or while switiching back to the main gateway by e-mail.


Failover-Route has its own webserver. The webmonitor allows you to monitor the state of your data lines from each workstation with an internet explorer.




Notice: The application requires a permanent connection at the main gateway (leased line, DSL Volume or DSL Flat). Please do not use the software on a dial on demand connection to prevent high costs.

Failover-Route 1.2 Features:

- up to 10 monitors to check IP networks simultaniously
- runs as a service with Windows 2000, Server 2003, Windows XP
- Web-Monitor access over Internet-Explorer
- supports german and english lunguage
-  IP Port Server to crosscheck LAN-to-LAN fallbacks
- easy setup with the help of our setup-wizard
- cheapest alternative to prevent implementation of routing protocols
- always up-to-date thanks to online update function
- english and german PDF-manual included

Failover-Route Intelligent Failover-Fallback Software

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